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How do I clean my refrigerator's condenser coils?
Clean the condenser coils regularly. Coils may need to be cleaned as often as every other month. This may help save energy.

We run specials on coild cleaning often.. Call for pricing.  Price varies bepending on size of refrigerator.


Why do I have suds or water left  in my washer after I am done washing a load of clothes?
It is very possible that you are using more detergent than is necessary for the load size you are washing. Double check the detergent instructions to ensure you are using the correct amount.  Front loading washing machine MUST have High-Efficiency (HE) soap used in them.

To catch spills, place foil on rack below dish. Make sure foil is at least 1 in. (2.5 cm) larger than the dish and that it is turned up at the edges.
: Do not line the oven bottom with any type of foil, liners or cookware because permanent damage can occur to the oven bottom finish. Do not cover entire rack with foil because air must be able to move freely for best cooking results.
Returns Policy:  You can cancel this order within 24 hours of the time at which we receive it. You can return new, unopened items from a cancelled order within 2 weeks after they have been delivered to you. Items should be returned in their original packaging. For more information on cancelling orders and returning items, see the Our Returns Policy page.
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